An expensive death

08/31/13 | 81 words | Categories: Arts & Entertainment

I know that when the average person dies that it can cost upwards of $5k to bury them in a decent and respectable way. I also know that celebrities don’t go for decent and respectable, they go for extravagant and sometimes insane. It just makes me wonder what the funeral costs would be for something along the lines of a Michael Jackson funeral. I bet that is not a package that most funeral homes sell a lot of at all.

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What to Buy

08/31/13 | 72 words | Categories: Arts & Entertainment

I am a music collector like no other person you have ever met. I will buy just about any instrument that will play anything in the world. I have everything from a classic Martin guitar to an original Les Paul to a little martin koa. I am talking about old harmonicas from way back in the day to modern day rain makers. If it makes sounds I want it for my collection.

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Playing Violin

08/31/13 | 65 words | Categories: Arts & Entertainment

My daughter has shown some interest in wanting to play an instrument recently. I suggested the violin and she really went for the idea. I love that instrument and think that it adds so much to so many songs. She is already looking at accessories though. I saw her looking at a electric violin amplifier at m123 just last night. She loves to spend money.

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That poor girl

08/31/13 | 92 words | Categories: Arts & Entertainment

My daughter's friend lost her mother recently. It was completely unexpected and there was not even time to say goodbye. Healthy one day and gone the next. Tragedy is unavoidable for some. We simply have to live the rest of our lives trying our best to get by with the cards we are dealt. A 12 year old should not have to worry about funeral planning, but she is handling it well. Her loss is all of our loss and I pray her life only get better each day from here on out.

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08/31/13 | 85 words | Categories: Arts & Entertainment

I had a friend that recently got into a pretty rough car accident. It was not his fault and he never saw it coming. The doctor said that can actually be a good thing sometimes though. Apparently, your body doesn't tense up and you don't get as hurt. The problem is that he is going to be down for awhile and that is never good financially. He needs a law firm for personal injury to help get him some funds to compensate for missing work.

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